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AWEL LibreLAMP RPM Spec Files ============================= This is a collection of the RPM spec files, patches, and non-tarball sources used in the the AWEL LibreLAMP project. For installing LibreLAMP, see []( Currently the packages there are built against LibreSSL 2.6.4 in CentOS 7.4 but they function in CentOS 7.5 with the caveat of inkscape, which is rarely needed for servers. The inkscape issue, CentOS 7.5 has a version that looks newer than my build (though only release tag differs) but is built against an older ImageMagick shared library, causing issues. A new LibreLAMP (including resolving the inkscape issue) built for CentOS 7.5 and built against a newer LibreSSL (2.7.4) is in the process of being built and *hopefully* will be available by the end of the week. The RPM spec files here correspond with the packages that have been rebuilt in CentOS 7.5 using LibreSSL 2.7.4. RPM spec files are in the `SPECS` directory. Source files that are not upstream tarballs and are not patches are in the `SOURCES` directory. For upstream source tarballs, they are too big, retrieve them from the upstream source. Patches are in the `PATCHES` directory. The mock configuration file I use in in the `mock` directory. The super fancy shell script I use to build a package is in the `bin` directory. Mock Build Note --------------- When building in mock based upon the provided mock configuration, the very first thing you want to do is build LibreSSL and the second thing you want to do is build `libssh2` because libssh2 is brought into the mock build environment and links against the OpenSSL API. This causes a problem when it is built against LibreSSL but then you start building LibreSSL RPMs that have an updated shared library. So - within the mock environment, remove libssh2 RPMs when updating LibreSSL so that the CentOS libssh2 RPMs are used, but once you have the newer API for LibreSSL built and in the mock environment, you can build libssh2 against them and put them in the mock environment for when building other packages that might want libssh2-devel as a build dependency. PHP-PECL-REDIS Note ------------------- New API breaking version of this module is available. The plan is to rename the package to php-pecl-redis3 for the current API and then after a period release php-pecl-redis with version 4. The plan won't be implemented immediately.